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Your ticket into Kid’s Island allows you to enjoy this activity from the time the park opens until closing.


You can even enter the lemur enclosure for an educational tour.

They left you rolling with laughter during the famous cartoon! But who are we talking about? The new residents of Kid’s Island: Lemurs from Madagascar! You are going to love them with their big wide eyes, surprised expression, large tails and silky fur! After visiting, you will definitely look at this cute little mammal differently. But where does it get its name? Its name comes from the word “lemur” (ghost or evil spirit) used in Roman mythology due to its spooky and suspicious character that makes it almost invisible in its natural environment.

To organise your visit, here is a brief description.


Madagascar is the last natural habitat for lemurs. They disappeared from Africa when confronted by other primates and simply could not survive. Their population has been growing on the island for millions of years and we now count over 60 different species. It is the ring-tailed (Lemur Catta) or Maki Catta lemur that came to Kid’s Island. It feeds on fruit and loves to take naps in the sun. The lemur is a distant cousin of the monkey; however, there are many differences between the two. Here are three characteristics that are easy to remember: it can see at night, cleans itself with its tongue and moves its ears, which are positioned on top of its head, one at a time! The lemur has many faculties different from those of its cousin, and therefore should rather be compared to a cat!


However today, the lemur is in danger due to the increasing deforestation on the island of Madagascar. Several NGOs have already sounded the alarm on its possible extinction if the forest continues to be pushed back. Free-roaming lemurs exclusively depend on the forest and 90% of the original surface area has already disappeared. Therefore, don’t miss this rare and special occasion!